Saturday, June 13, 2009


OK I am realizing I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to our son. My poor hubby. This weekend is where my hubby and son have been gone to talk about true love waiting. We got this study, I guess who would call it , called Passport2Purity from our church. It is an awesome adventure and weekend for them. Since we decided to do it, I have let Steve have the reins because it's something fathers do with sons and moms do with daughters. Can I say no fair!! I only have a son! And yes, I feel left out of the loop!! Because I knew I would be this way from the get go I left it to my hubby to prepare and plan. And the night before they were to leave I hit the panic button!!! Because I felt so in the dark! But he did a fabulous job, I think!!! They are there right now. I am praying it resonates in our son's heart. There are a lot of hands on examples. I can't wait to hear from my hubby. As parents we each got to write a letter to him, but I still am so missing out!! But I truly believe it is best!!! They talk about some pretty tough guy issues as well. It was tough to let go and let God!!! I am sure the three of them as my friend told me are having a growing moment. (Father, Son, and God)

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