Saturday, June 13, 2009


OK I am realizing I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to our son. My poor hubby. This weekend is where my hubby and son have been gone to talk about true love waiting. We got this study, I guess who would call it , called Passport2Purity from our church. It is an awesome adventure and weekend for them. Since we decided to do it, I have let Steve have the reins because it's something fathers do with sons and moms do with daughters. Can I say no fair!! I only have a son! And yes, I feel left out of the loop!! Because I knew I would be this way from the get go I left it to my hubby to prepare and plan. And the night before they were to leave I hit the panic button!!! Because I felt so in the dark! But he did a fabulous job, I think!!! They are there right now. I am praying it resonates in our son's heart. There are a lot of hands on examples. I can't wait to hear from my hubby. As parents we each got to write a letter to him, but I still am so missing out!! But I truly believe it is best!!! They talk about some pretty tough guy issues as well. It was tough to let go and let God!!! I am sure the three of them as my friend told me are having a growing moment. (Father, Son, and God)


I am so excited!!!!! I am leading my first bible study!!! Get out of that Pit by Beth Moore. I am so excited yet so nervous. I thought it would be a video like all the others, but it is just the book with questions. NO VIDEO!!! PANIC BUTTON!!! God is definitely going to have to show up!! Praying God takes me out of it and its all him. Love that I am trusting God for it!! We have had our first study. It was great!! I am thankful for these group of women. There were some light bulb moments already. So I am excited to see God moving.

Here is a little of what I learned. Your not supposed to be content in a pit and some things were not meant to be accepted. And don't make the best of it, get out!!! A neat fresh word, Beth Moore wrote it like this: When Christ said, Come follow me, inherent in His invitation to come was the equivalent invitation to leave. It never dawned on me. I love getting a fresh light bulb moment.
No matter where we go a pit always fits. We may think changing the situation will do, but we still live in the same old pit. We just change the scenery and redecorate it, but we still live in the same old pit. Ans sometimes it is the familiarity of it that we would.' think of moving on without it.
A pit isn't always one of sin. Your in a pit when you feel stuck. Psalm 40: 2a describes a pit, He lifted me out of the slimy pit out of the mud and mire... So stuck you can't get yourself out of it. It only gets deeper no maintenance level in a pit. In a pit you can't stand up. You have to take Your stand against the real enemy satan!! No one can do it for you, if I want to be victorious I have to stand with my own two feet on solid ground! a pit is satan's grave for us. If I fall into it, satan can not make me stay but ironically neither will God make me leave. That hit home to me. That it is up to me to make the choice. Sometimes we have to put forth the effort, instead of waiting for God to just do it with the glorious glowing light and angels singing, AHHH AHHH !!!
And you loose your vision. We are convinced there is no where else to go. We focus so much on the pit that we forget to look up!! Look up!!! When we set our feet on the rock its allows us to the enemy's activity around us.

Eterinty Forever changed

My friend who fought cancer, lost her battle and passed away. Her eternity has been changed for forever but I wished she could have lived out loud a little longer for him. God's timing is the best. He is the God of hope! I was asked to speak at her viewing and I did. I didn't prepare anything because I wanted it from my heart. My pastor asked me to speak of my testimony of how I prayed for her and hubby and about her accepting Christ. I was so nervous. Steve said I did great, he had tears in his eyes when I got back to our seat, so I guess I did. Afterwards several couples came up to me and thanked me for being so bold and giving them the reassurance that they would see her again. I didn't know anything else to do but blubber!!! lol And a teacher friend of hers asked where I went to church because she was coming!! God is still working from this situation. He is powerful!!


I have been busy running my son here and there. haven't had much time to blog... SORRY my friends out in web world! He did baseball for the first time ever. He has hit a couple home runs and a GRAND SLAM! Bases loaded, 2 outs, and a full count. He knocks it out of the park. I am his loudest fan!!! lol He received the game ball the umps signed it as well as the coaches. They call him the Hammer!!! Too funny. The coach said our best hitter has never had any formal training. Just mom and dad in the back yard last summer. he said Mom I am really proud of myself.
I am not sure I have ever heard him say that.
He is now in the older youth group at church and its in the works to start in the worship band for his Ablaze youth group. He is excited about it.
He has two camps back to back starting in a couple of weeks. Scout and then church. I am looking forward to some sweet hubby time. I will miss him greatly but I am excited about our time together.

I am still lovin my job and the co-workers there. I have a few that God has already laid upon my heart. Its slow goin with them but I am hoping God will use me like at the last job.