Monday, March 9, 2009

Catchin up

God is Awesome. This new job is great. I love it so much. I come home with a smile everyday. I never realized how much emotional garbage that I brought home from the previous job. I do not hurt as much, I sleep and actually at times I do not toss and turn and sometimes even hit R.E.M. sleep. lol I smile all the time and there is no stress. The people are nice so far and easy going. Love it!

I did break my toes. I dropped 3 lbs. of frozen hamburger on them. Went to go get x-rays per my doc and as I was leaving, a lady wrecked into me. Luckily we were sitting at a stop sign. Unfortunately she was on the cell phone, She said "I thought I was in the right lane already??????" She was in the left and I in the right and she decided to turn right. She has asked me not to go through insurance. We got estimate $2,500.00. I said I would not fix it until I received money from her. I called a few minutes ago to leave a message. If I don't hear back we will file with her insurance. I did file a police report at the scene. I always believe there are good in people. And I feel I have another option if she doesn't want to pay. So I am not to worried yet. But because I am so happy now, I was able not to be upset at the time of the scene and calm her down and reassure her. Weird hey! We were actually laughing before it was over. Now there was a first for me.

My toes still hurt but the bruising is going away. And I have a not so fashionable boot to wear. lol I can't wear heels right now. I would like like someone who was really trying to be bop down the hallway. lol

Today is my birthday. My hubby met me for lunch and bought some awesome outfits. Love him!! Good job babe. He is making dinner too. (But hey, wheres the purse??? jk I am a purseaholic.) lol Funny story

It is spring break for my son. When I got home the house was full of kids. lol It was an awesome thing to see and hear. My hubby was off work today.

I am behind on my bible study so I need to stop this blog and get on with it.