Sunday, September 28, 2008

Praying and Praising My Way Through

I can never remember my password to any account I have. I crack myself up. I even save them because I know myself....and yep i forget that too. (lol) This weekend has been a good weekend. My son is starting to have a life developing of his own at the age of 11. He is now a new middle school er. I sure had to release my finger from the control button. That's so hard. I still have it there as much as possible, but its not elementary anymore. The homework that he has daily. Can I just say I am so glad that opposites attract. Because my hubby is great in the areas that I am not, and vise verse for him. Thank God!!! I do not like the fact to help him with his homework I have to be taught too. That is just not right. I did that too long ago. What happened to 2+2=4. Amazing what my son can do.
He is in a bible study at school before school that is all student lead. I told him when he is looking for a friend this is where he looks. These kids will have his back. So thankful it is there. He is also in a computer gaming programing club at school in the a.m. before. That is so him. And we have just added boy scouts to the list. He is so pumped about it all. I am glad to see him so involved and liking it. He said he likes middle school. So far likes all his teachers. PRAISE GOD!! He has the outlook of going into it of, Even if I don't like a teacher I only have them for 45 minutes than all day. At least he is honest!
He is also helping once a month in the little kids ministries. Today was the first time, and this little kid was just hanging to him when I went to pick him up after service was over. He said this little one was a trouble maker, but he was able to get him to come out from under the table by using I got your nose, and if ya want it back you need to come sit down. Too cute!!
He is not so little anymore. But he always will be to me. He asked a girl to the fall dance, and to break it to me he said mom, please don't make a big deal out of this.... I looked right at his daddy and my hubby and I had the telepathy going. He said mom see I asked you no to make a big deal. It was a look, nothing else. And his dad said she isn't she is saying "He is growing up." I love when our looks are read by one another. As a tear formed in my eye. It was so sweet, but yet bittersweet. He will always make my heart smile and always be my love bug.
Work is still stressful. But I have come to he realization to just not go there with people. Some are addicted to that drama, and some are just plain rude. And God has me there right now for a reason and get that I need to not let small offenses to stay with me. I am easily offended (man that is so hard to admit) and trying to work on that. I apologized for this reason to the girls who thought so. And I will go from there. I am still not sure if it was received but I didn't want my heart to have an issue or my witness. It was the hardest thing to do. It didn't come easily for me. But I did it. I was so on this thinking of what they will think and talk about later. Again my own worst enemy sometime. And I have decided to praise my way through that thinking. I will use praise to fight satan's attacks on me. Even thought it is not a cherry delightful atmosphere to work in, I feel God is working in my life and is using it as a building block for something bigger, much bigger in my life.
Prayin and praising my way through!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today was a stressful day at work. But I prayed through it and yeah look at that God showed up. I was so surprised. WOW! Jesus is awesome! The issue was not resolved but it was brought to light. And that was my specific prayer request. It was an awesome experience to see God active in my prayer life. My wittness is tested at work a lot. I am growing a bit weary. Only so much drama a person can take. But he has been there beside me and revealed himself to me today. Awesome God! I still try to put him in the box by doubts of other prayer request, but I fight that daily. I resit what my mind thinks and practice replacing it with what my spirit thinks. Man its hard. We can be our own worse enemy. But I want to resist putting Christ in that box. Because he is so much more.

Resisting the box,

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Going After a Deeper Belief

Well.... I'm new to this blogging thing. Not sure if this will even make it out there. I hope to make some new Christian friends. Can never have too many. I am doing a Beth More Bible Study with my church girls. And man I am so excited. My first ever was Stepping Up, awesome experience with the Lord. Then I attended her conference in San Antonio. WOW!!! The worship was amazing! And I believe God moved through Beth. I have goose bumps still remembering it. Amazing time!! And now I am studying Believing in God. Just started but I am up at night. Can't sleep. I am so excited to hear God speaking once again in my life. I learned that I think I have put God in the box. I didn't even realize it. Through the way I view God from my childhood experiences, to God became smaller from past ways of seeking Him. I am now putting him outside that box and the minute I did it, things are moving. In my heart, my families. WOW!! My hubby and I do not read the bible together, and now we do, its a work in progress but we are doing it! I asked him to pray for a work situation, (it never dawned on me to ask him to pray for me) and he did!!! I wanted to cry! He even called me at work to see if it worked. And I said it did and so excited to learn that he actually did it. I teared up. He was so funny he said WOW! I only said one if I would have said two there would have been lightening bolts!! Too funny! I need to capture the feeling I have and put it in a box, to come back to when I need a fresh reminder, but never again will I capture HIM in a box. And seeing in the bible how God sometimes reacts according to your faith. Huge eye-opener. I want a deeper belief in God! A deeper connection and relationship with Him. I am so excited I can't stand it. I feel like my spirit is going to implode my body. Your new blogger friend in Christ.....T